DIRECTIONS: Read the assignment prompt. Use the material in the right pane to review the sources and your answers from the Inquiry page, by selecting a source and then using the tabs. Compose your answer in the box on the left. Use the email form to send your answer to your instructor.

ASSIGNMENT: Some books say something like this: "Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a White man. African Americans heard this and decided to boycott the buses." But this is a brief description of a complex event. Write a more complete answer to the question: Why did the boycott of Montgomery’s buses succeed?

Use the documents and your background knowledge to support your ideas. Include specific examples and quotes.



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When was this written? Given the timing, what might the authors' intentions be in writing and sharing this document?

Consider the phrases and images used to describe African Americans. What obstacles to desegregation does this document show?

What historic document is this modeled after? What does this tell us about how the authors viewed themselves?

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