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Reverend Straton Article (Modified)

Some of the language and phrasing in this document has been modified from the original.

Head Note: John Roach Straton was a minister who preached across the country against the sins of modern life. Straton believed in the literal truth of the Bible and the literal truth of Biblical miracles. He was firmly opposed to the teaching of evolution. He also believed that parents and local communities should control their own schools.

The real issue at Dayton and everywhere today is this: "Whether the religion of the Bible shall be ruled out of the schools and the religion of evolution, with its harmful results, shall be ruled into the schools by law."

John Scopes's lawyers left New York and Chicago, where real religion is ignored, where crime is most widespread, and they went to save a community where women are still honored, where men are still polite, where laws are still respected, where home life is still sweet, where the marriage vow is still sacred.

Think of the nerve of it! and the enormous vanity of it!

Source: Excerpt from Reverend John Roach Straton’s article in American Fundamentalist, “The Most Sinister Movement in the United States.” December 26, 1925.