Letter to Pres. and Mrs. Roosevelt (Modified)

Some of the language and phrasing in this document has been modified from the original.

Head Note: This is another letter sent to the White House. This writer voices her thoughts about how Social Security should work. [Please note that we have changed some of the punctuation and spelling in the letter so it will be easier to read.]

Ypsilante Michigan, Jan 24, 1936

Hon Pres. and Mrs Roosevelt—Washington D. C.

Dear friends—A few words from one whom you represent.

When President Roosevelt gave his promise to drive “The Money Changers from the Temple,” we had great hope that at last the common people of the nation would be heard. But so far he seems to be watching over the interests of financiers and capitalists. The common people are allowed to view a mirage with wonderful promises which disappear on approach.

President Roosevelt’s security program is made fun of, and it is a great disappointment to all of us. We all know streams of money have been flowing into Wall Street from all the corners of this nation. The Federal Government, which has access to all these treasuries, should pay Old Age Pensions by itself.

There is as much wealth as ever, but where is it? In the hands of the few. Why can’t President Roosevelt understand that the people know this, and are demanding a re-distribution of wealth instead of a program of debt-debt-debts-for unborn generations to pay. Why is he not taxing the fountain heads of this wealth? The Townsend Plan, while it looked like a fairy tale or the Millennium at first, now looks like it is workable, if we really tried.

It is the failure to provide purchasing power that has wrecked our economic machine. The Townsend Plan places this power into the hands of the masses. This U.S. could be a paradise instead of a place of misery, if the leaders would let go of selfish interest.

Mrs O. M.

Source: Excerpt from a letter written by a married woman to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. January 24, 1936. Ypsilante Michigan.