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ASSIGNMENT: "The explosion of the U.S.S. Maine caused the United States to invade Cuba in 1898." Use the documents provided and your own knowledge to evaluate this statement. Do you agree with this explanation of the causes of the Spanish American War? Why or why not? Use and cite evidence from the documents to support your analysis of this statement.



Awake United States!

This song was rushed into print between the sinking of the Maine on February 16, 1898 and the declaration of war on April 25, 1898.

Eagle soar on high, and sound the battle cry!

1. How proudly sailed the warship Maine,
a Nation's pride, without a stain!
A wreck she lies, her sailors slain.
By Trecherous butchers, paid by Spain!


Eagle soar on high,
And sound the battle cry
Wave the starry flag!
In mire it shall not drag!

2. Why does the breeze such sad thoughts bring,
Like murmuring seas the echoes sing?
Why do clouds thus backward roll.
Like wave on wave, on rock on shoal!
3. Awake! Thy Stars and Stripes unfurl,
And shot and shell and vengeance hurl!
Though clouds gather, they will go,
and sunlight follow after woe.


Awake! it is no dream;
Dost hear the sailors scream?
Comrades will you go?
Avenge the cruel blow!
And crush their marble heart!
Marie Elizabeth Lamb, Awake United States! (New Orleans, LA: 1898).

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